Ray's Home Repair came out and repaired my chimney.Member Comments: He is so good we use him for everything. We got damaged by that big ice storm that came through Carolina and I think he is about to replace our roof for us, we trust him a lot. He did a real major service for us in 2013, he removed the mold from under our house, replaced all the insulation, replaced the vapor barrier and sealed the vents. He did everything to stop the mold from coming back again. It cost over four thousand dollars and he was still a couple thousand dollars under the other estimates that we got. He has been here since to repair the cement thing that connects the brick to the chimney sleeve, he repaired a border of cement that got broken and needed to be fixed. We have had railings repaired on the front porch, staircase repaired on the back deck. When we found out how handy he was we just had his company come out and do everything we needed done. We had a termite guy come and look under our house after we had that big work done by Ray and he came out and got my husband and said "That was the best looking cross base I have ever seen!" When you have him you don't want to let him go anywhere.Terry Dorkins

Terri Gunter, Ray's daughter, did the work. She and assistant Mike Fisher were 100% pros. They worked in the heat nonstop, and as each project was completed, made sure I could use everything as intended. Even encouraged me to back my bike out and pull it in several times!
The jobs they did were finished as nice, if not better, than what my father (a lifelong carpenter and large job general contractor super) would have done. That's quite a compliment from daddy's favorite daughter.I gave them a B on price because they came in higher than other quotes, BUT they were the only ones to follow through and their professionalism and quality made up for it.I gave Terri a B on responsiveness because she's a little tough to get a hold of. Just be patient (I'm not, but to hire her again, I will be). She'll call, I suspect it's when she has breathing room.
OVERALL, I want to hire her to do some inside stuff that is beyond my skill level and I know I'll be thrilled. Her assistant, Mike, is no slouch, either. Both are very hard workers. R. Peer

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We can't recommend Ray and his crew enough.  They are extremely dependable and professional.  They take pride in their work and it shows.  Ray, Terri and Mike were able to tackle a wide variety of tasks, from overhauling a kitchen to overhauling a master bathroom to demoing walls to replacing our roof!  Our house looks fantastic and that is in large part due to Ray, Terri and Mike.  In addition to superior work, the crew was very polite and just a pleasure to work with.  They are hard working, honest folks. Tommy Sowers

He provided a thorough estimate with consultation. He rearranged other jobs to meet a short deadline. His company did all work described above and returned to do additional work based on an unscheduled second inspection. He also recommended other repair companies for specialties (roofing, plumbing). He was friendly, did a good job of explaining every detail, had competent helpers, and worked very hard to accomplish the tasks.Leta Loyd
Removed "popcorn" texture  from a cathedral ceiling great room (approx 900 sq ft floor area).  Refinished ceiling as smooth drywall and painted it.  Put in a reinforced ceiling fan mount and hung ceiling fan.They came when they said they were coming, worked hard, and got the job done in what seemed a reasonable amount of time.  The great room where they were working contains my kitchen area - they made sure I had access to it when needed.  They held the drywall dust to a minimum and kept it contained.  After their cleanup at the end of the job I was left  with little to do but watch TV.  Very pleasant people to deal with. Lynn Wright
We first hired Ray to take care of a mold problem under our home.  He removed all of our insulation, treated and removed all of the mold, replaced the insulation, installed a new vapor barrier and sealed all of the foundation vents.  He then went behind another contractor we hired last year (1 Hr Heating & A/C) and properly attached the new ductwork we had installed to the appropriate vents.Terry Dorkins

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